Design Ideas and Benefits of Suspended Ceilings: Types Explained

Buildings, whether residential or commercial, frequently choose to have dropped or suspended ceilings. They can conceal unwanted wiring, ducting, and pipes, and they provide easy access when needed. These are just two of its many benefits. Furthermore useful for workplaces, classrooms, and entertainment areas, suspended ceiling grid tiles may lower noise levels in space by absorbing sound. As many suspended ceiling tiles are fire-rated, offering an additional degree of safety in the event of a fire, fire resistance is another important advantage. Some suspended ceiling tiles are an excellent choice for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms since they are moisture-resistant and simple to maintain. Certain suspended ceiling tiles’ reflective surfaces can even maximise light reflection, which brightens an area.

As a national suspended ceilings contractor, we have completed projects from Nottingham through Coventry. Browse through our three kinds of suspended ceiling tiles below:

Hygienic Ceiling Tiles

Cleanliness is important in places like kitchens, food processing rooms, labs, and medical facilities, which is why hygienic ceiling tiles are perfect. Cleanliness and simplicity of washing are the two most important considerations when utilising reusable materials. Entry-level models have a wipeable surface, whereas luxury ones include antibacterial coatings for further protection.

Acoustic Suspended Ceilings

Open-plan workstations and other loud settings are perfect for acoustic suspended ceilings. They reduce sound waves, fostering a peaceful setting. They blend in perfectly with space design and come in a range of textures and patterns. By addressing noise-related problems including echo and reverberation, they enhance comfort and voice clarity. They are also a user-friendly option because of their simple installation procedure.

Fire-Rated Suspended Ceilings

Fire-rated suspended ceilings prioritise safety first. They act as a crucial barrier, slowing the spread of flames in both residential and commercial buildings. This offers valuable peace of mind without compromising aesthetics. You may achieve the ideal balance between fire safety and aesthetic appeal for your particular needs by choosing from a variety of thicknesses of fire-rated ceilings.

Why work with us as your suspended ceiling contractor?

We are recognised within the fit-out industry as experienced suspended ceilings contractors, supporting a wide range of customers throughout the East Midlands. With the widest selection of tiles and suspended ceiling grids, creative design, and unwavering commitment to quality, We offer the best suspended ceiling options, letting you improve the space’s aesthetic appeal as well as its practicality. With our wide array of tiles and grids, imaginative designs, and dedication to excellence, we can take your place to entirely new levels.

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